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Does Albion Online Need More Solo Play Areas?

Many of the people here in the office have had a lot of fun with the game but from many of you guys who come here looking to buy Albion Online Silver. We have heard you say that playing as a solo player is really, really hard.


Thoughts On Farming Carrots In Albion Online

No, not because we want to help you see in the dark or enhance your Bugs Bunny cosplay, but because carrots are one of the most beneficial crops that you can grow in Albion Online and you do not even need a ton of Albion Online Silver to get started.


What Is The Reason For The Gold To Silver Spike In Albion Online

We are huge fans of Albion Online here at and over the last week or so we ourselves have noticed some pretty big spikes in the Albion Online Gold to Silver exchange rate.


A Few Tips For Solo Play In Albion Online

Albion Online is harder than most and more often than not a solo player is going to have a very hard time. Well today, we are sharing with you a few tips to make your solo play in Albion Online a little bit easier.


Will You Be Sticking With Albion Online?

We do kind of get that, but we have heard some players on the Albion Online Reddit talk about how after the first month they do not think they will be sticking with the game.


The Albion Data Project Release Information

The Albion Data Project is a fan made project that as of right now is not endorsed by Sandbox Interactive, but from what we understand they are aware of its existence and not against it.


Thoughts On PVP In Albion Online

Some of us here in the office are huge PVP fans and today we wanted to share a few thoughts on PVP in Albion Online.


Seeing Gold And Silver Prices In Albion Online

When it comes to being in the game you can see the highest price it has gone for, lowest price and of course the average price. Now to be fair to the folks at Sandbox Interactive, we feel that for most people this is more than enough information.