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A Albion Online Player Feedback & Suggest

After first 3 days of playing Albion Online, Now that I've given the game more hours and 14 more days, I figured I'd return to write a more educated feedback of a newbie. Given the rather toxic nature of "discussion" on this forum, I think I should point out, that no I haven't "reached" the black zones yet and I'm most likely, what would be referred as a casual care bear running around in my T4. Despite these facts, I do consider myself to be among intended target audience.


1.Borderless window: Found a workaround on these forums, adding "-popupwindow" as a launch command for a shortcut. I can live with it 

2.UI in general: Still troubled by the lack of mouse overs for tool tips. There is so much information in this game but it is all hidden behind click walls. I've learned to check for required crafting materials by going to destiny board -> zooming out to have better view of the trees -> click on the skill node I assume contains the info I'm looking for -> click the question mark on the relevant line of text -> click on the item I wan't to check -> click "resources". I really wouldn't call that optimal.


3.World, city and zone maps: Still same issues with them. World map starts up too zoomed in and zone map could have better functionality with arrows to click to move between neighbor maps, without going trough multpile clicks on world map. Way to filter what I'm looking for (tailor shops in city, zones with T3 trees on world map, etc.) I feel is a must have.


4.Zone identity: I made this a big point of my first feedback and as such I still think it could be a lot better, but as I travel, the zones start to feel familiar and certain key structures started to stand out as land marks. Sadly, what breaks that illusion is the fact that some parts of the map have been recycled in a close by zone. I don't mind assets such as certain shaped ponds, mountain peaks (i love the one you can climb up) or hills being reused, but when it is complete southern quarter (Drywater Meadow & Steelhide Meadow, close to Outrider Oasis have 1 to 1 copied T4 spawns) of the map with all the same resource spawn points, it is just straight up lazy. Now I understand 2 more biomes are on their way and some of these current zones could be place holders, but I'd feel highly disappointed if that is not the case.


5.Farming: Given that Stardew Valley is my absolute favorite game of the 2016, I'd want to find myself liking the farming in Albion Online. Unfortunately it turned out to be a mandatory feature that feels like someone forced you to include, but none really had desire to do. There is no real game in it. Nothing to do but to click click click and gather the resources once per day with no sense of discovery or excitement included. There is ton of opportunity and room to make it more engaging, but in it's current form it's merely a burden. I have a friend who was honestly excited to join at release and play as a farmer and cook, but that enthusiasm was quickly shot down when I found out the state of farming.


6.Gathering: - I love it as it is. Really. It does hold the excitement of finding something and sense of discovery when going trough new zones or finding enchanted resources. I would be bored to death if spawn rates would allow me to sit still and click click click away. Every emptied node I find increases the value of the ones that are ripe for picking and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I've read the cries of them hardcore gamers about rarity of higher tier resources and here I am thinking it is exactly the way it should be. The way I see it, it is just the generation of 100% trophy gamers that instead of adapting and using affordable tier gear, try to "complete" the game.


7.Transmuter: Hadn't heard of it before a topic about it was raised here. After hearing of it I can't think of any excuse why such thing is in the game. It completely devalues the enjoyment of discovery from gathering.


8.Travel times: I go trough roughly 10 zones around Outrider Oasis and Honister Pass each night as I am playing and gathering. Sure, it felt slow (and I traveled less) before I got myself a horse and an ox, but I knew it would and so I planned for it, gathering as I went. We are 2,5 weeks in and I've seen people complaining about how they have to spend hours travelling. Hardcore gamers complain about the time they spend going back and forth for T2 resources and such.. They are ahead of the curve and for that reason market is still slow, but I'd like to think that with time, market would build up and T2 materials would actually be hauled to black zones for guilds to just buy and so they could focus on what they enjoy doing. If there are other reasons (like lack of port town to ship to?) then those should obviously be addressed.


9.Forced labor: I think this is one of the major issues with "this is a pvp game" people. I mean I already touched this on farming, because with current system, eventually everyone has to run a farm efficiently. Same goes for at least initial gathering and crafting. The way character goals are set up at top right corner fooled one of my fiends to think those were quests he had to fulfill. But even if those goals weren't on top right corner, there would be very little other than gathering for him to do. I guess when I try to think this in UO terms, there is no initial build to choose from and so no initial T1 gear for everyone to spawn with, like when in UO you got initial equipment based on your chosen skills. This too might get better over time as new players will have affordable gear awailable to buy and they could focus on other aspects of the game instead of gathering and crafting if they so choose to do.


10. Lack of content outside of gather/craft/pvp: One of the biggest reasons everyone has to gather/craft at start is that there is nothing else to do. As I mentioned, I have enjoyed gathering and crafting my own gear, but should I choose to take some me time off, I wouldn't know what to do. In UO I might have gone to bank and sell my lumber and socialize while watching out for pickpockets or I could have gone to our guild town chat up with people. These are just minor examples, but AH completely kills the trader mood of the game. It is a place to dump your wares at be done with it. Efficient certainly, but boring. Another buzz killer is the global chat but that I got to turn off.


I guess that's plenty of bullets for now. Even with all these, I must say that when I'm out there grinding resources or helping my friends building their islands, I'm really enjoying it and all I'm worried about is the longevity of it all. If all I got to do by the end is to join a major guild for black zones then it is not for me, but I like what you are aiming to do with royal islands. Or if by some miracle small guilds become viable in black zones then I might be intriqued.

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