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Albion Feedback: Alliance & Territory Control Mechanics

The purpose of this post is to solicit ideas & constructive feedback for the devs to improve the Alliance and Territory control mechanics. This is not about any particular guild / alliance and is meant to be an open dialog so we can improve some of the systems we currently have.


The main issues I would like to bring up are:

Unstable alliances

Territory flipping

Positive & negative territory bonuses / penalties

Some Background

This is my first test sequence in Albion. I joined Conflict prior to the start of the test and have no regrets as the core is a good group of guys that promotes enjoying the game. Conflict’s mission is to simply cause conflict wherever we can.


I started as our GvG healer and moved to our Tank / Quarterstaff (Currently 5.5) and I have played a warbow (7.2). I am currently an officer in the guild. One of the things I enjoyed about Conflict was that we were not in an Alliance for the first 2 months of the beta. This meant more open world PvP. We ended up joining an Alliance mainly at the request of our members because they wanted to participate in the large scale battles at the war tents. We have no regrets in joining an alliance because as we have made some new friends and had some good times.


Unstable Alliances


Everyone sees the weekly fluctuation in alliances. Keeping up with all of the changes is like watching a soap opera. Miss 1 day and you are lost. Inherently, the main issue with this is that it makes it difficult to have a proper war. Just when things get going alliances change and therefor the battle lines change and all progress is negated. This mitigates the player bases’ ability to write a history for albion. When you think about all the fights that have occurred so far, what major change to the map has occurred through conquest?


Proposal: 7 day cooldown timer to join an alliance after you drop.

There is currently no consequence for alliance hopping. With a week cooldown it would mean that a guild would endure a time period with no alliance support in the open world which would result in more PvP for their members. Further they would not have access to any alliance territories to support fame farming & gathering.


Proposal: Max number of guilds in an alliance

The game has been migrating to a couple big alliances. In my view this hurts the game world as it means less open world PvP, fewer GvG battle lines, and instability in alliances. If alliances had a max guild limitation quality would prevail and the number of competitive alliances would increase. I would propose a 3-5 guild limit per alliance.


Territory flipping


A good example of this is Rottenvale currently. This is no slander of what was OMG at all as they were just using existing mechanics. For whatever reason, they did not defend Rottenvale when it was at 0. Instead they launched attacks to drop it to negative 20 then surrendered it and immediately attacked again. The next day, we did the same thing and we repeated the cycle together all weekend. This situation highlights several of the current issues with the territory conquest system.


Proposal: After a GvG on a territory it receives a 2 hour shield to prevent attacks going to or from that territory.

This will allow guilds to set times on the territory to slots that work for them and prevent the “surrender then immediately attack” loop.


Proposal: “Un-claim Territory” cooldown timer.

There is currently a mechanic that is being used to add a day to the defense timers on territories. I do not know the specifics but I have heard it involves un-claiming and reclaiming territories multiple times with multiple people. If a 24 hour cooldown timer is placed on the un-claim button on a territory this would prevent this mechanic.


Positive & negative territory bonuses / penalties


I would speculate that we are only seeing 1/4th the amount of GvGs we would if this system was reworked. Defending any territory with more than a -10 is pretty much futile. People just do not show up and even at -10 most will not. Same holds true with town plots. Winning a 40 point plot battle is very difficult versus any competent team.


Proposal: Negative and positive adjustments only effect max health stat in GvGs.


Today all stats are effected by the territory adjustments. Having 20% less health, 20% less damage, and 20% less resists when compounded makes it too much to overcome. Just taking the health and damage into account makes it a 40% advantage for the attacker. If only max health was effected then the penalty would be more accurate.


Proposal: Limit the normal territories to -10.


Today people do not show up to -20 fights. If the purpose of the system is to generate battles then it has to be feasible to have a competitive fight. This also will promote changing battle lines because wars will not stall out at -20 territory flopping on boarders. The map will begin to change more in more significant ways.




This are just some of my humble opinions on how the developers can enhance a core feature to this game. Again I have respect for all guilds in this game and these thoughts are not targeted anywhere. I posted this in this forum as most of the people here are impacted by these topics and I look forward to reading some constructive dialog as well as seeing developer acknowledgement.

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