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Albion Guide To Farm Wood T1-T7

I got my Axe on T8 since a while now and I remember the time I didn't know where and how to gather wood, the time where I would search a whole minute to find a Tier 4 tree, because nobody told me where I can find much of it because of their own greed, I think it's unfair for solo players or unexperienced guilds to not tell them how it works. I got my knowledge from my own experiences and also from some others who teached me many things. Some advices I give to you will probably only work in beta, because when the game comes out the spots will be overfarmed by more experienced guilds and that means you will be dead in red zones faster as now. If you have enough Learning Points left you can bring your axe faster up, I would just recommend to skip it until Mastery Level 4/6 (T6 Axe) because after this it will cost really much learning points and you can get so fast up wihtout using them. If you enter a new zone where you want to gather open albionhelper to find the trees you are searching for.

Step 1: You should get the Axe on Tier 3 without any tricks or good spots but if you want to make it really fast get the Tier 1 Axe in a city and farm the outer ring of the south of a city, you can find T1-T3 wood in every single city and because the new players don't know it you can take adventage of it because the trees in the city should all be on 15/15. Bring an Ox and you can directly deliver the wood you gathered to your chest or to the AH.


Step 2: Take a ranged Weapon, I prefer the bow because you can interrupt the bears' stun. You need the ranged weapon because you will be overweightet most of the time and when you cant move and you got a ranged enemy on you you are normally dead and you will lose 30% of your ressources which is really much. Buy a Wheat soup or take the life reg. spell on your chest. When you get attacked by a wolf for example and you are searching for a tree and you don't know where you are safe from mobs you have to kill the wolf before more will attack you.


Step 3: You can find much T3 wood which as 15/15 on it in Seething Marsh and Smuggler's Cove or Whispering Light and Breakers Bay. You can go there by traveling to Smokey bay and go downwards or to Brinkwold and go South and then West. These are Yellow zones and you should take a bit more care of Hostiled enemies, but don't leave the zone yet, they will move out and when they are big groups hostiled (10-15) they will no be there to hunt gatherer's, they are there to have the dungeon's for them. Make these tours many times but take a minimum of an hour break between the tours if you dont want that the trees are 3/15 all the time but stay there until all trees are gone or you can't move on your Ox anymore.


Step 4: If you have the T3 Axe it means you can gather T4 Wood, you can find much of it in the zones I already mentioned (Seething Marsh and Smuggler's Cove or Whispering Light and Breakers Bay) open albionhelper to find your wood


Step 5: Gratz, you have the T4 Axe now so you can gather T5 wood and 4.2/3. Stay in Seething Marsh and Smuggler's Cove or Whispering Light and Breakers Bay to gather this wood, there is plenty of T4 wood so don't search for T5 wood there but take it if you find it.You can also try out the zones which are mentioned in Step 6 but you can't gather 5.2+ wood yet so there will be many situations where you see many trees you can't gather yet, also it's a red zone which means it's more dangerous.


Step 6: You have the T5 Axe now and can gather T6 wood and 5.2/3/4/5, if you gather T5.4 or higher you can normally destroy them, they give you much fame but you can't sell them high and can't use them. That doesn't mean that you have to trash it if you got it but if you think about what you can throw away to be faster just throw it away it's worth nothing and never gets sold. You can still stay in yellow zones to gather the T5 woods, this will take really long but you will not lose your gear and wood, another safe strategy which I used is to go in the red zones with a chest in the middle of the zone like Raven Rock, Redwood Redoubt, Gloomwatch, Bonefort, Steelfort and Cedarfort. You just run around with a horse and low T4 or T3 gear on you (depends on what doesn't hurt you to lose). The reason to not go naked it that you have to defend yourself against bears. So you pick up all wood you get and bring it to you chest if you are at 99% weight or lower and just leave it there, you can pick it up if you ask your guild to help you carry it or defend you while you are on an Ox. In these Zones are often solo hunters who want to kill farmer's so they will hunt you but what do you have to lose? A T3 Horse and T3 Armor which is worth like under 10k? Keep in mind that you have to avoid using sprints because everyone can hear it in a very large range and the hunters will go for you then. This strategy is only for the people who don't want to risk everything but still works pretty good, if you want to farm T6 Wood only, read Step 7 and follow that.


Step 7: Now you have the T6 Axe which means you can gather T7 wood which you are not going for, unless your guild has a black zone or you want to try it out and you have enough money to just get some experience in black zones, but keep in mind you can't see zergs as a blob ob the map in black zones. If you go for the T6 and the T6.2/3/4/5/6 like I did you either have to go to red zones with a tree symbol on it which means there are many trees for you, but also for others so be careful if you go there because there are many flagged up enemies and they are sometimes overfarmed, but I recommend you to go there at least twice to make your experiences there, remember you don't have to bring your best gear! If you don't like these places you can go to red zones which are at least 2 zones away from a city and have only one territory on it, you can find some wood in the corners and open albionhelper to find your wood faster, I won't give you the names of the zones because our Guild/Alliance still uses it and I dont want them to be in a disadvantage because of me but once you found a nice spot you can go there often, they are not really overfarmed at the moment.


I don't think there has to be another step because you won't find T7 or T8 wood unless you have a good guild with a territory in a black zone or a guild which is making gathering tours. And if you want to test how black zones are just bring a T5 Horse, crap gear and your axe but you probably won't get out alive but it's always nice to make some experiences there.


Let me know if I helped you or you have any questions. You can also Tell me if I missed something, have nice time in farming wood.


I have to thank DasGandi for teaching me many things in Wood Gathering and also Slaider who teached me the basic knowledge of Gathering.

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