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Albion gvg feedback

1. Defender bonus. -10 is not critical but -20 is 2 tier ahead. Really?


2. Huge defender bonus and imbalance building claim. It is impossible to defeat not the dumbest foe. Everyone can defend with +20 and respawn in the middle of the territory.


3. Reclaiming territories during attacks. You can set up some gvgs from a territory to make it’s defender bonus -20 and then just after losing it attack it with another one. Now gvgs in black zones are a just a ping-pong.


4. There are some building claims which you can attack only from 1 nearest claim.

But there are a lot of territories you can attack from 2 claims and it gives you a huge tactical advantage.

Hope there is a cause for such positioning.


5. Warcamps. I suggested some ideas here - Remove Warcamps from Red zones

Now warcamps are abused only by big guilds and they cant do their job. Place some mobs near them and make price on attack ~1 000 000 (money goes to the winner) to prevent fake attacks.


Moreover, I think warcamps should exist only in yellow zones.


6. City gvg. You need 4x people and equipment to defend your city but only 150k to attack (same as on usual claims). There is no sense now to defend it for 150k coz there is no economic sense to hold it and the only reason is don’t let your enemies to attack your other territories.


7. Imbalanced territories for defense and attacks. F.e. the hardest territory to defend is graveyard coz your enemies are near the stones and you have to run to them. Maybe they need a rethink.


8. Reclaiming territories just after gvgs on later time. We gave up the attempts to win Carrion Corps coz they had been reclaiming attack timers. It is our problem that we do not have stable gvg teams for 2-3-4-5 UTC for example but I think there shouldn’t be such option at least first half an hour. All sieges will end up with reclaims, 10 guilds alliances, etc… Did you really want it?


9. Gvg must not be connected with the rest world of Albion. It should be like a lol or dota2 session. 20 minutes of tactical and practical pvp. No one in no way should interfere in gvg. We faced a problem when people using it for coordination (it is rather easy to win if you know where is your enemy and he doesn’t).


Long story short - on uncontested territories timers can be changed whenever the holder wants, without any extra hassle like dropping territory. On contested territory timers cannot be changed. At all.


Also change minimum time before attack on construction claim form 24h to 23h. As it is now if you attacked at 1700 say, you cannot attack at 1700 next day cause gvg finished at 1705-1730 and 1700 slot is not available even if defender didnt change the time slots immediately after gvg.


Solution to warcamps with high price of launching gvg which goes to winner is wrong one. It will be abused with fake guilds - fake gvgs now will not cost anything, but real will cost significant amount. Attack from warcamp need just high price as a pure Albion Silver sink to prevent fake gvgs. Problem is 'high' is very relative for different guilds.

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