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Albion Online - Sloppy’s Epic Siege System!

I know they probably won't make these changes, but they are to encourage brain storming for the dev team!


World Changes


Every single zone in game has 1 conquerable territory

Zones are 25% green, 25% yellow, 25% red and 25% black.

Anyone can enter any territory and use the bank or buildings within. It’s up to the owner to keep the peace if they wish!

Remove instanced guild islands

Remove instanced player islands

Remove NPC cities and marketplaces (There will be a player owned territory in every city now with a marketplace)

No more player participation number caps on sieges.

Make the territories bigger and give them all 20 farm plots (Since the instances have been removed)


Stage 1 – Before the siege (Regular play)


A territory is owned by a clan.Your workstations are capped out (Green T5, Yellow T6, Red T7, Black T8)

A Clan sets a weekly defense time.It is a 2 hour siege.It can only be adjusted 1x per month at a cost of 100,000 Albion Online gold (not Albion Online silver)

All territories owned by the clan will have the same weekly defense time.

There is a clan battle box as well as individual battle boxes for each player.

A clans battle-box contains 10% of all resources refined

A clans battle-box contains 10% of all Albion Online silver farmed from monsters or dungeons

A clans battle-box contains 10% of all resources gathered

The contents are viewable on the world map!

The resources are only removed after the weekly defense time has passed.


Stage 2 – Prep the attack!Put up or shut-up!


Attackers must deploy a siege tent in the zone they are attacking 2 to 7 days before the attack

Once the tent is deployed they have 1 day to match the number of resources in the defenders chest at the previous weeks siege. (eg 3,765,765 Albion Online silver, 76 T7 refined wood, 23 T7 raw wood, etc!)

The siege tent can be used as a local bank by all, but only deposits can be made.Anything deposited can only be remove during the live portion of the siege, or in the aftermath by the winners.

Taking over the enemy territory and refining and crafting on the enemy’s workstations will fill up the siege tent’s box and not the territory box!

Only 1 siege tent can be placed per alliance.The guild that places it will be the victor or loser depending on the outcome.

More than 1 alliance can attack the same territory at the same time.

Each siege tent’s battle box must have the resources 1 day in advance of the siege.


Stage 3 – Attack the walls!


The siege is live.

Siege ends after 2 hour or until conquered.

All non-combatants are booted from the entire zone.They are also prevented from re-entering until 1 hour after the siege.

The defending clan along with allies remain.Any attacking clans and their allies remain.

The attackers must break down the gates.Once in the territory they must plant a flag at and hold 3 of the 4 outer control points for 2 minutes.

If there’s multiple attackers 3 of the control points must be held by the same alliance

Defenders who die respawn in the center of the territory by their battle bank.

Attackers who die, respawn at their tent.

The respawn points are mini safe zones, as they are now.

Once the walls are taken, any losing alliances are executed and removed from the zone.Their siege tents become immediately loot able.GO-GO Battle looters!!!

Anyone trying to leave the zone is executed and removed from the zone, their loot staying behind.


Stage 4 – Take the territory!


Once the walls are secured it’s now time to fight for the center

Attackers must crack open the safe with siege hammers(It should take 1 person 1 hour, 4 people 15 minutes, 8 people 7.5 minutes, 60 people 1 minute)

The level of siege hammer depends on the zone you are in.

If the stone is not taken in the 2 hour defense window, the defenders win and they have 1 hour to empty out the battlebox.


Stage 5 – The battle is over!


The losers are executed on the spot, their corpses stay behind, and anything in their battlebox stays behind.

The winners control the zone for 1 hour after the end of the siege window.No one else may enter except those from the winning alliance.

Everything is lootable

After the one hour loot window, everything goes back to normal!


Reasons why this is awesome[*]More territories will be available.It will be a lot harder for a zerg to control the whole map.If they got 1000 players, and 100 territories, than it’s only 10 defenders per territory

[*]Players will not be able to hide in their controlled territories as anyone can enter them.

[*]Players want other people using their forges and killing their mobs, because they could get 10% of the loot with a successful defense.

[*]Give people reasons not to kill anyone in sight and they may surprise you!A good reason is to make them minions!

[*]An unused territory will be really inexpensive to siege, while the most used territories will be really expensive!

[*]You can gather the crap out of a zone all week and fill the tent, but if you lose it goes to the defenders!

[*]This encourages players to use their own zones

[*]Sieges will become epic, and not mini-games as they are now!

[*]This will create daily pvp as people prep for the siege!

[*]Guilds/Alliances can plan their defences windows in advance with their wives and moms!

[*]Not much new tech will be required, aside from clearing an area to place a siege tent!

Optional[*]I removed scroaching (Interfering in enemy sieges), but it’s obviously an option

[*]The numbers can be tweaked on everything. But to take the best territories in the game will be crazy expensive, but maybe worth the risk!

[*]Deployable guards - You can deploy guards in your town, but they attack criminals - Whether they are in your alliance or not!

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