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Albion Online beta will last most likely through all of 2017

Awesome news guys and im happy to see the team doing such a great job, but the real problem right now is the premium model way too strong, the albion online gold <--> albion online silver exchange with real money, Learning Points and the amount of fame required to level up skills, and the ALTS, i keep saying the same; i dont want to log out and take another character to refine or gather or fight, whatever... we should be able to stay competitive with our main character and able to do whatever we want, dont let this game be another pay2win or pay2advancefaster, thanks and hope to see things getting better. (And i know in the future Learning Points will need a required amount of fame to unlock the skill with them but i need to know when that hits if its the real solution, because i dont think so)

Albion Online beta will last most likely through all of 2017

Sometimes I would like to play solo, to get some resources without people trying to work with only one objective. Nothing against guilds but is good to do some lonely up sometimes. I really love a game with a lot of people and the possibility of work together.But as a capitalist I like some individualism too.


I think it'd be awesome to have a roaming dragon boss. It would strike Zerg groups in black and maybe red zones.a spontaneous event. It could decimate people and give huge rewards. Would be cool. Also thematically why is swamp next to mountains? Shouldn't it go mountain to highland to forest to swamp? Just thinking about elevations.


Problem is that redesign also bring forth more working out kinks with the rework. this means beta will last most likely through all of 2017. 


Hopefully the game doesn't see another (4th) complete world rework next October. 


Everything looks great, but why can't this be something for a future expansion? SI is going to keep thinking their world layouts until they realize that no map is perfect and the complainers that pressure SI need to either suck it up or go play an MMO that has actually released and isn't in the perpetual state of endless beta. that way SI can pick a map, stick to it, and add to it as time goes by and they grow as a business.


No matter what anyone says about how this game isn't officially released yet, you have to at least appreciate how much thought and care Sandbox Interactive is putting into Albion Online. Of course they could've released the game already. Of course they could add these changes later on. But what you have to consider is this is their first game, so naturally they would want to make sure it's as polished as could be. Those of you who ever designed any games or other products would understand this. Keep up the good work you guys!


You hear all this development being done and all these neccasary changes being made and all people like you care for is a timely release of a possibly very unfinished product. NO. Just go back to warcraft if you want a finished game now. You are a BETA tester. Your aim is not to rush the game but to help improve it. Do your job and stop complaining.

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I Wonder what type of Albion Online you are trying to make here

This could be achieved by flattening out the gear disparity in pvp.There is no skill required in the style of pvp that exists on Albion, when the gear makes so much difference.


To my understanding albion online pay to win(P2W) works like this

The rest of the market will be completely unaffected. Because the albion gold in itself has absolutely no value ingame.


Albion Mobile Version release may also bring a p2w aspect

any new players Albion is not pay to win you can pay to become rich and make your life allot easier or boost your crafting but without grinding for allot of time you will never be able to wear the high tier weapons and armour.


Many General questions about the Albion Online

Albion Online community tends to be a bit more competitive GvG than other games though.

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