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Albion Online Destiny Board revamp

There seem to be a lot of posts complaining about this game not living up to the "you are what you wear" promise. I am in the same boat, and in an effort to keep this post short I'll just dive right into my suggestion.


There would be two changes in this setup, neither of which would break the current game, though it would take some balancing.

1) The destiny board should not dictate what you can wear. I'd rather see the destiny board become something like the passive skill tree from Path of Exile, unlocking new spells and passive bonuses. (There is a reason PoE is considered one of the best ARPGs of all time)

2) All gear is wearable by all players, or at the most held back until Journeyman level is reached. (Let the noobs fuel the economy by loosing expensive gear)


1 - explained) The current board is boring. I assume more interesting spells will be added before launch, but as it is now I'm expected to farm for months and months to unlock the best gear and all it really does it make my same fire bolt spell that I've been using since T2 deal more damage. This leaves much to be desired. I'd be way more motivated to grind fame in order to unlock Meteor or Contagious fire, and then mix and match that onto whichever magic weapon I choose. The majority of the board would be passive bonuses though, that would carry over to any gear set.


The new board I imagine can remain broken down similarly to what it is now with magic/range/melee weapons and light/medium/heavy armor, but within each category you unlock nodes which stay with you. Nodes in the mage tree won't be as useful for a tank, but there will still be a benefit to things like mana regen or skill dmg for example if you want to spend your time/fame unlocking it. Fame gained within each section could still be tied to what you're wearing when you play, just like it is now.


2 - explained) The gear grind in this game is up there with some of the worst. The idea that I was sold on is that this game is level-less, but that is clearly not the case here. If I want to join a top guild and play the game like it was meant to be played, I need to farm like crazy on the low level zones to even be useful to them in pvp. Veteran players should be better, yes, but not laughably outclassing a new player. A player's power should be linked to the gear they choose to buy, and the passives unlocked on the Destiny Board.


If a new player wants to be more useful, why not allow them to compensate for being new by purchasing T8 gear and jumping into the action? They still have to come up with the Albion silver to buy the gear, while being more likely to lose it, so it'll only boost the economy more. Likewise a veteran player could throw on a set of T2 gear and still be a stud, as would be expected from a seasoned fighter *Queue basically any good swordplay movie where the hero fights off a swarm of enemies with a broom handle or wooden sword*.


Let's be honest here, Albion draws a lot of parallels to Eve online, and that's a good thing. Eve is an amazing game, allowing new players to be useful right away and rewarding veteran players with endless content. There's a huge grind in that game as well, but a noob in a big expensive ship can be easily outclassed by a veteran in a inexpensive little ship. They can also however be beat by the noob in the big fancy ship. It comes down to how much money each player invests in their ship, how much time they've invested in their character, and how skilled they are in actual combat. Albion should be learning from Eve and other good MMOs and pulling all their best aspects out while removing their drawbacks, not the other way around.

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