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Albion Online seems to be lacking the play / counter play part of PvP

I thought about not spending the time writing this, because there are so many of these types of posts out there, but a friend of mine suggested I should; just in case others liked the ideas.


First of all, some of these ideas aren’t my own, but they’re in here to give people the better overarching experience. A lot of people when they suggest ideas to one specific part of the game, don’t see the larger aspect of the game as well. Changing the one little thing such as crafting and allowing people to mine X more than usual changes more of the game than just faster mining. The ideas within are supposed to complement each other and work together, not just “change X thing!”


PvP, Yellow and Red:


We all know the map needs to be bigger, and it’s been addressed multiple times, but just for prosperities sake I’ll say it here as well. Yellow needs to be bigger, offering a larger buffer between Green and Red, Guards on each section.


Red Needs to be expanded more, and there should be no safe zones beyond green in the slightest. The reasoning for this is that this game is supposed to be about team work, co-operation, and the sandbox. Anything beyond Yellow should be that sandbox, from guilds having to take and hold territory, to alliances forming to help better defend themselves, to roaming Guilds patrolling their own lands and kicking out anyone they don’t want there. Those should be part of the game. Red needs to be expanded so much more for such a thing to exist, allowing more space for people to spread out, slip through the gaps and in otherwise guard.


Black itself needs to do the same, but with the ability for Guilds to control entire zones with much more efficiency. Red needs to be the smaller guilds banding together fighting over and defending what’s theirs. Black needs to be far more rooted in large guilds, or alliances, coming together and imparting their own rule and laws upon their zones, along with who may come and go as they please.


Something that’s desperately needed is a reputation system. If you’re out there slaughtering people in Yellow zone time and time again, you need to have consequences for that. There needs to be a system that either makes those people Perma-Reds in the long term, or otherwise penalizes their actions in other ways.


PvP, Yin and Yang: 


There needs to be a much bigger balance based around information of zones. At the moment people are using unclothed characters to run through gates to give them information on the other side, or other such scouting. Unfortunately, because of the zone-ing system, there will always be those who send something worthless through to the other side to check. However, once you do get a group through, there needs to be some way for them to know what, who and where, other people are in this zone. I’m not talking about having everyone as a dot on the minimap, but some form of spells that help with locations.


At the moment, we have but a single utility role within Albion Online: The Healer, and you can say what you like about the levelling of them, when it comes to fights – these guys can turn the tide. There needs to be more in terms of utility, Spells that allow you to know how many are in the zone, spells that give you X information within a certain radius. Other passives that allow you to be hidden from those spells. Albion Online seems to be lacking the play / counter play part of PvP. The cat and mouse game of hunter and hunted. At the moment it’s very much a case of who can run the fastest and avoid the CC. There needs to be a dedicated scout spell class, or other such information gatherer. (For those of you whom have played Eve, think of this very much as your D-scan and your Probe frigates; those roles, and the equivalent stealth counter play, aren’t existent in Albion Online PvP making most encounters a “We stumbled upon X group” rather than any tactics being involved in zoning and territory denial).


The Unknown: 


There needs to be better, and more, ways to travel through Albion Online Red and Black. The underground cave systems that have been introduced with blue dungeons and Gateways, need to be expanded into a full blown system of their own.


The Cave system needs to expand to cover almost all of Albion Online, and allow alternative travel means but with a twist. Minimaps need to be disabled here, people need to either map and learn these tunnels themselves, or rely on others whom have. The information of tunnels and their fastest routes to and from, can be a great boon for Guilds, attacking and defending alike.


These areas can offer not only more opportunities for guilds to outplay their opponents through tactical movement of troops and outflanking, but will also allow those more inclined to explore bigger and better riches than those already marked out upon the map of the world above.


This will not only open up a new system of exploration for Albion, it will also offer the ability for smaller groups to evade and travel, along with making overworld Territory control choices even more crucial. Who knows what lurks below your zone in terms of caves and what possible riches they might hold? Could be sat on a nice mine, or maybe a great fame farming spot. Unless you explore it to find it, you’ll never know. 


This not only will

Increase the importance of owning specific land, making it more valuable. 

Coupled with the above spell and counter play of scouting make scouts even more important

Offer Guilds and groups various modes of transportation and routes, and information on tunnel systems even potentially becoming guild guarded secrets on best routes to and from areas. 

Allows people to outflank their enemies when, not only defending territory, but also attacking territory, offering another dimension to large scale PvP tactics. In terms of troop movement. 

Bbreak up a few zergs, without the minimap and with various routes, more people will need to cover different exits and locations. Meaning sure you can run around with a single zerg slaughtering all you find, but it’s going to be much easier for small groups to slip through the cracks. Or you can split up into smaller groups and cover those cracks, offering smaller scale engagements, with the ability to call backup across the zone. 


But, far more importantly, this will benefit those who know an area. This will give groups local knowledge and be a boon when it comes to getting the most out of a region, making invaders really have to scout out ahead of time to know what is potentially there to invade and take, but also giving defenders advantage on their own lands. Bringing Skill and knowledge to the forefront of guild conflicts and territory control.


Finally – Player Made Fast Travel: 


The fast travel system for PvP areas needs to be removed and placed into the hands of players. Allowing players to form and create networks of fast travel routes, charging what they wish for those routes, and allowing them to control those routes. Travel should cost more than just Albion Online silver, and should come with penalties. Owning Territory in X zone, and in Y Zone which is two away from X, should allow guilds, or alliances of guilds, to build some form of Teleportation / Fast travel building – upgrading it as another building. Making a whole new host of utility style buildings. Travelling should cost a specific type of resource between locations, and it should be possible for Guild to tax use of the system. Meaning they may open up said fast travel route to other guilds, or alliances… but it’s going to cost you whatever they damn well please.. and if you don’t like it. Build your own. 


Travel shouldn’t be from A all the way across the map to Z, it should happen in legs and jumps. Having a specific max Zone reach for each Teleport, meaning you must go A -> B -> C -> D, rather than a single teleport. This means that if you’re travelling through zones, other groups will be able to not only jump you and intercept your troops, but it will also mean information on who is travelling where and along what route can be filtered to Alliances and Guilds; offering more information on who is where, allowing them to suit up and respond if necessary.


I had a few more ideas for Greezone Carebear guilds in terms of progression and exploration but this post has been way longer than I thought it would be so won’t bother lol


To make the distinction between Red/Black and Green bigger and more defined. The further out you go the more hostile the land should become, not only in terms of PvP, but also in terms of the general content and Mobs you'll find within them. Yellow should, in theory, be not only the first stepping stones for people heading out into PvP, but also the demilitarized zone between the heavy conflicted areas of Red and Black, and the general safe harbors of green. If people are running their own fast travel network through Red Zones, they shouldn't then only be a single zone run through yellow to Green to sell whatever it is they have. There still need to be that risk, reward and grouping of travelling to stop any potential ganks from happening in Yellow from those who will most likely make a living from it. 


With Yellow being larger it'd be possible to play the inbetween bandit, especially with a reputation system. A sort of nomad who doesn't belong in green and refuses to make the step into Red, preying on the week and any easy supply runs from Red he can get his hands on. When Albion goes live, if the current Closed Beta numbers are anything to go by, people are going to be swarming those zones for their levelling (the type of situation we're seeing now) with a large zone buffer the bandit can live, thrive and have enough land to move between. 


If people introduced a Perm-Red right now for deaths in Yellow / Red, that limits that Characters choices to what is essentially the tiniest of tiny islands in terms of zones they can exist in. And we'll instead see even less PvP because of it. (No one wants to be limited to an even smaller area of an already small map), so you need to widen Yellow to make that choice to become "wanted" and "hunted" available, but still one that will have you hunted from both sides, Red and Green.

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