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Albion Online Spell Indicators

Over the weekend my guild was getting increasingly frustrated with the following points. Can we get some attention to these game changing "bugs" ASAP please. We feel as if the combat system wasn't ready to be taken off the test server, lets put it back there until it works properly maybe? Anyone that has been playing the game over the weekend has surely noticed all of these. They are 100% reproducible and we would gladly welcome any dev into our team-speak to show you. Or PM me and we can stream it while we chat about it.


Stutter step on skill shot activation.

I think just about anyone that uses anything with a skill shot can show you this. If you shoot a skill shot your character will take a small stutter step in that direction. What used to be an instant cast skill shot is now a .5s delayed skill that forces to to run in unwanted directions. Example;


Warbow user is running away from a target (kiting) and wants to throw multi shot behind him.


Select Q, shoot at opponent, your character TURNS AROUND and takes 1 STEP towards your opponent before it shoots then you turn back around and start running again. Before it would just fire backwards and you wouldn't skip a beat. Based on slowing down a video, this "instant cast" skill now has a .55s cast time. 

Devs - Just stand still and shoot ANY skill shot. You'll notice your character taking a step before fires. This is clunky and slows down combat dramatically. It also changes the balance between people that build around instant casts as they now have small "cast timers" on their skills.


Invalid Target Bug / Re-Targeting


This bug seems to be VERY present in almost every day to day scenario. It happens on mobs, it happens in duels, it happens in PvP. I think anyone that played all weekend can attest to how shitty this bug is. If it happens to a healer its EVEN WORSE. Instead of getting "invalid target" the healer will just heal himself instead. Potentially wasting long, life saving, cool-downs. Where as before, if a healer was out of range and he pressed his instant heal - his character would run over towards his target.

Brutus Patch - Melee targeting clunky(broken) / not like before <--- here is a thread that goes over it in detail and has video's explaining it. Again, if you would like to have a Dev in our TS channel to explain it further we would GLADLY reproduce all the different variations of this bug. 


It is currently game breaking for the classes that have to deal with it.


Spell Indicators

This is more personal preference but can we have a toggle to remove these? Out of my entire guild, not a single person thinks these help in any way and for some of us it hinders the ability to aim properly. I like the idea, I think they are great for some people but can we PLEASE have a way to turn them off if we don't want them.

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