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Albion Online Suggestions

First, it seems like there's no "monster" like enemies in the game. You wanted to make old time classic MMO's and have a fun modern twist to it? Well, I'd suggest you have more than just "animals" and "humanoids." Rarely did games like UO, and I say rarely because I can't think of any, have no interesting enemies.

I have a list of NPC'S drawn from the Albion Online Wiki, and it doesn't seem like there's anything mythical, nor majestic. No sea monsters or giant lizards, minotaurs and fairies and what not. I'd suspect you may have these things planned to be put in for later, at least, I hope. Fighting nothing but humans, the undead, and ordinary animals, WILL get too monotonous to REALLY enjoy over time. Basically, my initial gripe is that the enemy npc list is dull. If the plan was to add more later, just jotting down what NPC'S are planned later would be a massive help, even if they won't be implemented for a year or two.


Secondly, The grind. Don't get me wrong, grinding is a huge part of games like these, but you made it too repetitive, uninteresting. My fist is not without remedy however, for a good solution to this in my suggestion, would be the possibility of initiating a fight with special, player crafted, harvesting tools. This idea is pulled from my recent excursion on UO player shards. There were these picks that had the capability of summoning a golem in the form of whatever ore you mined. If monsters were added in, making them possible to summon through high leveled tools and skill would be a grand addition to the game, making the grind less of a boring chore, and more of a thrilling chance at well reaped rewards.


Continuing on point 2, chopping and gathering lumber should also have some monster specific enemies. Imagine seeing an odd looking tree, and its retains the title of, "Living wood", or something along those lines. The average player would assume it was rare, chop into it, only to learn its an ent-like creature that wants to beat their meat into a soft chewy paste. Like the ore elemental, which should drop large quantities of ore when slain, the ent being should drop a lot of lumber, and maybe even rare living logs that the highest of high level crafters can make into gods unholy murderous mistakes.


Thirdly, from what i've read and watched, mostly read, tools break down on death, correct? If I am right in assuming that is a case, I would like to STRONGLY recommend that not being the case. Armor shouldn't break if the wearer dies because, quite simply, that's not how armor and weapons work, nor SHOULD work. "Gaming logic" is only used as a joke to be laughed at before anyone points it at me. If you consider how easy it is for you to LOSE your weapons and armor, i'd feel like i'd have much more reason to go back if said armor and weapons were still in good condition when I died. From another perspective, if I were the killer of the player, it would feel nice not having to repair their armor after taking it, and maybe even using it against their allies. Another thought, for weapons salesman to be needed, the best thing to do is to add the ability to improve weapons at the risk of breaking them, or lowering their durability cap.


It would A, shorten the surplus of swords and armor, which of no doubt there will be, and B, provide players with a risk for reward scenario, and finally, C, create a clear cut separation between smiths other than just, "Tier." Either sharpening by sharpening the blade, (and/Or in UO's case, poisoning it, I have yet to find out if poison is something even planned) are both ways I can think of the whole risky crafting business.


Obviously, armor smiths should just have the choice to fortify cloth and leather with "Double stitching" at the risk of creating a tear and starting over, and making plate too thick to wear. I'd recommend they be created anyway, but just come out poor quality, and have the capability of being smelted or restitched back down and regaining some of your lost materials.


Fourth, and quite possibly the MOST important thing, especially for economy reasons, banks. I know you already have them, but the idea of not being able to lose money you have gathered from theft, murder, or death is just.... Ludicrous to me. Why would people want to become killers if everyone is going to be able to hold onto their gold with their cold dead hands. Albion Online Gold should be mandatory to put into the bank, and if I may take a shot in the dark, you only wanted this to not be the case for the common casual gamer, and while I understand you want a friendly environment for casual players, believe me, I do, there is a LARGE difference between competitive, and immersion. Competitive would be me trying to craft better gear than my next door shop keeper so I can make enough Albion Online gold to sustain the shop, however, I feel immersed when I know a high tier player may just be waiting to jump my bones around the corner. Out in the dungeons, or near the entries into them, that's not something that should be considered a "casual" setting. Danger lurking around every corner is thrilling, yes, but its far less so when there is no risk, and forcing a risk upon thyself and dying because nobody else is willing to do so will only make players who actually care about immersion mentally vomit rage. There's no, "Well, he got me, but at least I'm not alone." Its, "I'm dead, my shit is gone, and there's nobody to complain about it with."


Casual players who don't want to PVP should be able to stick to random forest thickets and caves, where the murderers would have no interest since you aren't collecting AO GOLD for them to gather. This is assuming monsters hold onto gold, by the way. Well, unless they happen to have used their special pickax to dig up a few gold elemental, and their bodies are rotting around said miner, in which case, a murderer will ace for that pick AND your gold.


Fifth and final suggestion, this one is one that will make or break whether or not I personally stick around, no quest dependencies. 0. Quests should be like an actual quest, not a to do list, and they should also be completely optional. None of that, "Kill 3 of these dudes, gather this for me" stuff. Those kind of chores should only be given by players, not the game itself. A quest should be along the lines of, "Slay this custom designed boss monster dragon, holding a princess hostage, reward is a goddamn castle." Kind of stuff. I'm so sick and tired of games telling you to do trivial tasks that you wouldn't do otherwise. A tutorial is fine, but daily quests? Trash those. Just trash them, PLEASE. Also, don't make doing the "castle" quest the only way to get said "castle." Removing the choice to do it your way is another pet peeve a lot of people I know, including me, have with most modern day games.


Any other complaints I have don't need to be talked about right now, since they're not even hinted at or anything just yet, which means they're not priority, and as of right now, don't matter at all, but I will sum them up in a small list anyway so they can be talked about later.


-Sea battles.


-Buried treasure chests.

-Graphics that are atleast on par with UO.

-Harder to get private islands. (This is something so good, you should have to work for it. Keep in mind, 3 days of grinding 400 Albion Online gold at a time from enemies that could stomp you for a 650K Albion Online gold house was HIGHLY worth it at the time.)

-WARS would be neat, and not the 10 npcs here and 10 over there, but line per line collision going on and turning into a bloody mess. Granted, you'd need a good computer to maintain the server and run through the fight, but god it would be awesome participating in that. (This one is actually personally just something I want. Everything else I've let logic guide me.)


Now, if you say any of these five things are too hard to include, not including the small complain summary list, Then you can't say you want to make something similar to UO. At that point, you're just trying to bank on the nostalgia people HAD for UO, when you're really making a game that's just like WoW and FF14, which i'm sure is what a lot of people are coming her to avoid.

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