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Albion Senior player views on albion online builds

I know the question seems broad but I don't have the best reaction time or game sense that most ppl probably have. I would prefer to play dps or maybe tanks. Right now I'm playing great cursed staff and was just curious what you amazing ppl think which builds require not much skill to perform well.

albion online builds

Assassin vs Mage would lose 28% of the damage boost, so 130 instead of 158. Which effectively only means an 18% damage loss if you look at it as straight damage from the 158 to the 130. The armor would make you take less damage - mage robes would be hit for ~24% more in melee. Once you hit T5 you can apply a more useful passive - cooldown reduction for even more DoT and pierce beam action.

Curse staff is kind of like the ranged combination of axes and daggers. You have similar DPS from spamming your DoT and pierce beam, and you have a big charged finisher like the daggers have (although yours is painfully obvious to anyone who knows better, so expect it to be blocked a lot - but you would be surprised how many people are clueless or just didn't build in a defensive counter to it).

albion online builds

Def an interesting build. Right now armor is cleric cowl, cleric robe and assassin boots. It would def be cool to do something a little different but still be viable and maybe catch ppl off guard. I thought about going one handed and shield to be more tanky but the only non artifact one is the one that you mentioned and I heard it's easy for ppl to predict the E ability.

albion online builds

For the active you could get the inferno shield and use it if you start taking damage to reflect and give you a nice armor boost or run with the ambush as a PvE escape button. Maybe go to the 1h staff and use a shield for more defense (just watch the aggro in pve since it adds threat) and focus on armor pierce beaming things and spamming the DoT spell every 2 seconds. It's instant cast so you can keep moving with it. Throw the death curse after you put on a stack or two of the DoT and you can keep stacking it until it hits (6s later). For helmet get either the cleric cowl or soldier helm for an invulnerability (cleric cowl lasts like 5 seconds but you can't move, soldier helm lasts 2 seconds but you can run with it - cleric would be + damage too). Boots you could just go with one of the cloth boots for extra damage and use the run, or grab one of the teleporting ones to get out of AoEs without having to stop attacking.

I really want to say, game doesn't require skill. It's runescape... Game requires time/patience/grinding/zerg tactics.

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