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As we all know Albion online is a sandbox MMORPG

The great roleplay discussion thread AKA how to give this game more meaning?


Disclaimer: All guilds mentioned in this post are just to provide an example, I did not ask for their consent nor am I part of these respective guilds**--


Dear players of Albion online, 


As we all know Albion online is a sandbox MMORPG. To add some meaning to these terms I will try to give my own definition: Sandbox means the players are able to create whatever they want like items, names, buildings as long as it is allowed within the game mechanics. MMO means it is a massive multiplayer online game since many players play on the same server and RPG means you play a role in the game where you can see some sort of progression either by skills, respect or status.


What I noticed in most of the forum topics and in game is that many people treat this game as just a MMO. These people come to this game, grind their way to the top and go around roaming the PVP territories and once they are bored leave the game and repeat it in another. And there is nothing wrong with this kind of play style. 


However there is another way this game can be played, and will most arguably give you a more meaningful experience in the world of Albion. 


The purpose of this thread is to discuss on how WE the community can make the world of Albion more meaningful. The developers at sandbox interactive already gave us everything we need to create an universe within this game. Some players only see that this game is about grinding to the next tier, kill anyone that is red and take their gear and grab as many territories as possible. What I see is a game where every single person can have a role to play to change the world around them. Let me give you an example with the following topics: 


Example 1. A game of thrones (Territory warfare)

What is really happening? 


Guild G is attacking guild A because they are perceived as being weak since they have 0 defense points and they just want to expand and own as many territories as possible. Once they conquered the whole map of Albion they will be bored of the game and leave.


What could be happening?


Guild G is the lord of Alderholt and is running a peaceful kingdom, one day the Baron of A decides to not pay their tribute of wood to the lord of Alderholt. Baron E decides to join the rebellion of Baron A. seeing that the lord of Alderholt is losing his authority on two fronts he decides to call the help of his banner man: the Baron of guild C to help with crushing the rebellion. Guild G crushes guild A and will own their lands. And the same happens with the Baron of C who now owns 2 strongholds in the kingdom of Alderholt as a reward for helping to stop the rebellion. After the banishment of Guild A the lord of Alderholt now owns 2 strongholds in the Kingdom of Alderholt but have no means to harvest the woods from the lands because their craftsman do not know how to refine the woods. This is where politics can come in. The lord of Alderholt can make a deal with a guild that has no territory to harvest the wood on territory A in return of paying tribute to the lord of Alderholt. The guild that offers the best way of tribute will get the territory or will die just like the previous owner of the territory would. 


Example 2 Mercenary companies and corporations (Endless possibilities) 


The game offers great mechanics that can favor some great mercenary guild role-play. First of all you can invite other players from outside of the guild to participate in territory warfare which can aid most recourse focused guilds like crafters and refiners to own territories by hiring players from guilds that are fight focused. 


However there are so much more functionality that you can do as a mercenary guild and I will provide you some examples: 


Protect or Attack convoys

Protect or Attack recourse gatherers of the enemies of the client

Defend or Attack Very important persons (VIP’s)

Defend or Attack other guilds

Patrol or raid areas of conflict

To reflect back to Example 1. Maybe guild A could have hired a mercenary guild to keep attacking members of the guild G and in that way decrease the recourses that guild G owns. Guild E could have raided Guild G to decrease the defender points while Guild A will attack with mercenaries to take over Guild G and become the new rulers of the kingdom of Alderholt. 


Guilds could also make a contract with a corporation and in that way secure recourses that they would not able to secure by themselves. Here are some examples: 



Gather recourses in hostile territories

Make equipment for clients

Prepare bulk orders for recourses or equipment for other guilds and/or individuals

This will create interesting dynamics in the game and it won’t be just about ganking everyone in sight but actually forging alliances and making deals


Example 3 Good vs. Bad (Police force, Barbarians)


Imagine you are a solo traveler and you want to mine in a dangerous area. You know that it is dangerous to be in the red or black zone. While you enter the zone that has the materials you need you are greeted by a Guild member of a guild that decided they want to police that particular zone in return of some silver. If you pay the tribute of entry a guild member will be assigned to guard you and will walk with you to make ensure your safety because he will be able to alert the guild if the solo gatherer is attacked. 


However, if you as a solo gatherer do not want to pay the tribute to enter the area. You will get 0 protection and in that way either the guild itself can make it very difficult for you to gather recourses or traverse across the area. 


This could lead to some exciting scenarios where you are being attacked by the “Big black Cocks” guild in that territory but because you hired protection of the “Valar Morgulis” guild who is policing that territory they quickly respond to the attack and make the big black cocks “Kill on sight” in that particular area for trying to kill a payer of tribute.


Long term versus Short term


At this moment people are min/maxing their skills, grinding endlessly and I already notice many people are saying is this really it? Where are the PvE Quests? Is it really just about grinding? Is there really nothing to do in this game then PVP roam and kill anyone you see and trying to get the best gear? My answer: It does not have to be. By investing in trying to define what you want to do in this world looking past the game mechanics you can decide what you want to be. 


You can be a gladiator fighting for gold in duels. You can be a mercenary specialist in PvP and help smaller guilds in GvG warfare. You can be a master of staff creation that has his own shop and creates bulk orders for fighting guilds. You can be corporation specialized in bulk orders for individual players or guilds. You can join a guild that police an area and demand tribute for passage. You can be a knight in the royal army of the kingdom of Alderholt and fight for the honor of your lord. You can be a senator of the great senate of the northern realm and kill anyone that decides not to be part of your government. You can be a diplomat actively looking to make trade agreements with other guilds. 


The possibilities of this game are endless and you as a player can determine in what way this game can be heading. You do not need PvE quests if you have a guild that will pay you if you guard or patrol an area, fight for their honor or gather recourses that they need. 


Now as part of the discussion: How can we as a community make this game from bare mechanics to an universe that can make every single player feel special? I will be interested in reading the replies to the thread and would like to thank you for reading! 


With the kindest regards,

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