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Blade and Soul First True Cross-Platform MMO

Hey all! It's time to delve back into Albion Online development and show you just what we mean when we say Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO!

Blade and Soul First True Cross-Platform MMO

Albion Online's cross-platform development has presented a lot of challenges to the team, though it has also brought some surprising advantages. Developing for both PCs and tablets has resulted in a heavy focus on optimization, for example, from which all versions have benefited. Constantly looking to balance performance and game mechanics on each device has meant that all versions of the game run as smoothly as they can. Performance considerations have also resulted in Albion Online's clean, distinctive art style, which has been highly praised in the press as well as by fans. We're happy to be working on such an ambitious project, and we hope that Albion Online helps MMO players discover a new way to experience this great genre.

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