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Helpful Links Prepare for A lbion Online Closed Beta Today!

In Preparing for closed beta I have put in some time to research so I’m not a deer in the head lights. The following links have helped me understand the game on a deeper level.

If anybody has other helpful links or them in comments and ill add them to the list with credit for your find!


Beginners guide


Info learned from the Stress Test! "credit MHRock"


Thank you to Narwhals guild if you want to join go here

All things you can spend your time doing in Albion Online “credit Narwhals guild”


Basic Armor info-


Plate - Strong against physical, weak against magical


Leather - Strong against nothing, weak against nothing


Cloth - Strong against magical, weak against physical


Detailed Armor Guide “credit Devious”


"currently out of date probably will be updated when closed beta starts"

Database Info on all things Albion “credit Dodgin”


Thank you to the guild Mostly Harmless for the following videos, their guild site is


"out of date videos but will give an idea of how things work"


Destiny board explanation


Armor comparisons


Weapons overview


How to build your house


How to build your farm


How to breed horses, goats, and oxes 

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