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Is There A Gold Exchange Fluctuation In Albion Online?

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Is There A Gold Exchange Fluctuation In Albion Online?


With that being said the other day, we came across a very interesting post on the official Albion Online forums where a player of the game asked if there was some kind of fluctuation with the Gold in Albion Online. It was an interesting question and he raised some points about how Albion Online Silver may be affecting things, as is the way players buy and sell gold.


But it got us thinking is there a gold exchange fluctuation in Albion Online? As we deal with buying and selling Albion Online Gold on a daily basis, we feel that we are in a good position to give our opinions on Albion Online Gold. We feel that overall there is not really much in the way of fluctuation. Of course there is going to be a little bit here and there, but for the most part. Using real world money is handled pretty damn well in Albion Online and we do not see there being any big problems with Gold as the game heads into its full release.


We would love to hear you guys thoughts on this and if you think there has been a bit of a fluctuation with Gold. Also if you do need Albion Online Gold be sure to look at our low prices.

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