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Just a wild albion idea

1. If the clusters have the same size then the problem seems to be its emptiness. I hope you consider changing it before release, as you are already working on the map.


2. What if you spread dungeon entrances along each respective biome? You see, blue dungeons were a great source of encounters and allowed interesting dynamics. IIRC they were precisely designed to be disputed. I think that at least spreading the entrances of a dungeon throughout the biomes would bring it back. To compensate the changes, I believe there is no need for those huge ground floor dungeon entrances in every map. It could be just the entrances for the cave in some of them (like it happened in BETA1).

Just a wild albion idea

3. Makes complete sense, I was wrong.


4. That's entirely true, and that's why I proposed a middle ground: no BETA1 or BETA2 system. Keep the timezones but simply allow guilds to pick the attacking hour from the timezone window the system already offers. Example: if cluster A goes from 01 AM to 05 AM then allow attacking guild to pick one of these hours to attack. This is already possible anyway via "circumventing", so it makes sense to make it legitimate.


5. I've seen other people complaining about this. The issue itself is not really the town plot count, it's how hard it is to get them. They'll be just another tool to perpetuate huge alliances dominance over the black zone, as they won't ever lose it. I gave an idea on another topic: let town plots "impossible" to get as they are now so people invest on buildings, but put them on corner/side clusters and leave the central clusters (t8/raids and close ones) for more "volatile" territories.


6. Great to hear, thanks!


7. Just a wild idea: what if a type of territory had a chest (not on turret, so fair fight would happen) that opened once a day and gave something? Guilds would be allowed to enter and fight for it. The advantage for the guild owning the territory would be guards. That'd demand combat and active control from the guild besides the GvGs battles.


8. I think the concern here is that there is not enough distance from huge alliances to small guys in this new design. If we consider there are 110ish territories then it's easy to see theoretically two alliances will dominate it all. Please, please consider doubling the size for new beta.

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