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Last 3 Albion patches to help Fame did the opposite

Hello all,


I don't want this to look like complaining, I'm just trying to present my guilds thoughts on some of the recent changes. Most guild leaders/officers can relate; after the recent patches I am BEGGING our members to keep playing and it's not working. I'm losing GOOD members and my best pvpers in droves... I love this game and want my guild to play it but I need help from SI to retain my members! It seems to be the same story over and over through our guild, people join and have a LOT of fun until they need to kill Tier 6-7 mobs to progress. They try and try but end up in unsuccessful groups every evening because of a lot of reasons you all know about.


The attempts to help with the "fame wall" in Albion over the last 3 patches have resulted in the opposite happening... Let's take a top down view;


First Attempt

What was done

Completely revamp the fame, LP, and requirements on the destiny board to make the numbers lower.


Adjustment to make mob fame consistent and lower to match the new values

"Top up" people's fame bars to the next level.

What happened as a result


People are still forced to use LP if they want to level ANYTHING. Limiting the ability to do anything except what you have already invested your points into. You are also forced to use secondary characters/accounts if you want to do any sort of crafting.

Made partying almost completely useless, who wants to grind mobs for 10LP per mob in a group of 5?


This was the strangest change I've ever seen and here is what ACTUALLY happened;


People who have owned black territories and didn't have fame wall issues all go boosted like CRAZY. They were at 5.3 before and 6.3 after, for a gain of like 2 million fame.


People who didn't own black territories and therefor were SLIGHTLY behind got a boost but because of the exponential nature of the fame board received a MUCH lower "bump" (more like 50-200k fame going from 4.3 to 5.3)


This turned what was actually a very small gear differential into a HUGE gear gap. The guys that were now in 6.3 were able to shut down their black zones with ease and easily race to 7.3, 8.3 etc. while the rest of us were forced to beg, borrow, and steal T6 mobs to SLOWLY chip away at getting to just 6.3.


Conclusion: The strong got stronger, the middle got weaker, the weak quit the game. The fame wall is still exactly where it was before, T6-7 mobs.


Second Attempt

What was done

Improve the fame gained from veteran and elite mobs.


Change Hell Gates to tier 5 in yellow+ zones.


What happened as a result


Even more reason for the already WAY ahead guilds to camp and dominate the T6-7 elite zones while they exploited with Glacial Staff blizzards so that experience wasn't being split in the group but rather giving each person in the group the FULL amount. Even if the guilds could say they didn't exploit, it was still zerg central anywhere NEAR T6-T7 mobs.


I've been keeping this post polite and professional as best I can but give me a fucking break here. We've been asking for higher tier Hell Gates since this beta started and you give us Tier 5? Everyone and their mother are past that tier for leveling. This was so useless it hurts my brain to think of the meeting room where you all agreed this would suffice as a solution to the fame wall. Not only that, you have created the a place where LOW geared players can level up (which is good) but filled it with HIGH tier rewards from the mobs... You have high end guilds going into these things to get souls and they run into the Tier 4 guys trying to level and shit stomp them. What is the actual point of having tier 8 rewards from tier 4 mobs? Please explain...

Conclusion: The strong got stronger, the middle stayed exactly where they were, the weak tried hell gates and ran into meat grinders in tier 7.3 and then quit. The fame wall is still exactly where it was before, T6-7 mobs.


Third Attempt


What was done


New Undead Dungeons


New/more PvE portals


What happened as a result


When I read about the new dungeons my immediate response was "FUCK YES, my members will actually have more places to level" - Boy was I wrong, the majority of the new dungeons are T4... Seriously guys, is there a group of people still stuck on Tier 3 that can't progress that we're all not aware of or something? Why all the advancements to Tier 4-5 mobs but nothing higher? 


Side note* Not only are the new dungeons shit with shit drops and shit fame, they replaced previously GOOD dungeons that people could get REAL fame in. Dungeons that had Tier 5-6 veterans/elites. Why are you going backwards?!


Umm, what the actual fuck is the spawn time on these things? We sat in a dungeon that had 4 portal spawn points for over an hour last night without seeing one spawn. I don't even have data for this part because I haven't been able to get in one yet. I'm guessing the mobs are tier 4 though, based on everything else that has happened recently.


Conclusion: It's neat and new but doesn't help the core problem of Albion right now and actually made it HARDER to find Tier 5-7 mobs. Why?! The fame wall is actually LOWER than before because of the removal.


My request as a leader, player, and beta tester is simple. Please give us more places to acquire higher level fame or wipe the servers so the people who didn't gain unfair advantages can have a chance. I have already lost 75% of my members and I'm sick of begging the rest to stay.

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