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Many General questions about the Albion Online

Q1.I want to start with the most important question for me: is the game full of chores? I want to have fun while playing, I don’t mind grinding but I hate the infinite chores that modern MMO are throwing at us, like I found in BDO, logging in with 6 different characters to harvest sunflower and do dailies is not fun, I know it is optional but if doing them is super worthy I feel like obligated, probably it is just me. Does the game have infinite dailies and boring stuff that you feel forced to do?

A1. There are no "mandatory" daily type activities. If one day I want to just chill on my island and work on upgrading buildings I do so. If I want to just chill and go kill mobs/ pvp/ explore I can do that.


Q2.How is the economy? Is it player driven? Can I “scam”/be scammed by other player? Can I find good deal if I am smart?


A2. Economy is player driven. The auction houses (AH) are local to the city they are situated in. It is quite possible to move goods from one town to another for a profit or to travel and find good deals. The only "scam" you may encounter is getting someone to craft something for you when you supply the mats. But, if you are smart you can avoid it easily. Plus, everyone playing on the same "server" means reputation means something.


Q3.Do you think the game will be well populated? Do you see like 100-200k Albion Online Gold people playing it or it will be super niche?


A3. I can see the game having a huge population at the start then winding down a bit and finally settling on a nice sized active population. Enough to make the cities feel alive, but still possible to find zones without anyone in them once you move away 2-3 zones from the major cities.


Q4.Is it super hard to catch up, knowledge wise, older player? I know there will be a wipe for the next beta and at the release but normally in this kind of games people with knowledge have a very big advantage! Not a problem ofc, I just would like to know how hard are the mechanics in this game^^


A4. Mechanics are easy to learn. No worries there. The biggest advantage prior knowledge has is streamlining the process of moving up the tiers on the Destiny Board and what to focus on in the beginning. Also, upgrading buildings, crafting,and farming become much easier with prior knowledge. The next beta will get you caught up for the most part before final release knowledge wise. Treat the next beta as a learning experiment and try everything.


Q5.How is the PvP? Is solo/small scale PvP viable? Is full loot really FULL? Like you kill me and I’ll lose all my equip? Does everyone going around in big zerg? I really didn’t find / searched enough about PvP, educate me please, how the open world PvP work??? I only red about different colour zones.


A5. I can't really speak on the pvp aspect. The couple times I've ran into someone in a red zone it was generally 3+ vs me. But my play style being solo I expected it. It was still a thrill though.


Q6.How do you get best loot? Crafting? PvE? Is the itemization cool and deep or is it shallow with two base stats and a big fuck you?


A6. Crafting makes the loot. Mobs can drop items which are used in crafting the best loot. This doesn't mean you have to craft the items yourself. You can buy pretty much everything off the AH from other players.

6a. Itemization is interesting as your items determine what abilities you have and not a standard MMO "class". If I want to fling fireballs I equip a fire staff. If I want to go sword and board and be a tank I equip those items. The only thing is you have to unlock those items on the destiny board either through fame (using the item) or the point system implemented for premium subs.


Q7.What do you do in your normal Albion day? You log in and?


A7. Currently, I just finished experimenting with buying and upgrading my personal island to T4 (island rank 4 of 6) learning the ins and outs of it and taking notes. But even during that process there were times I logged in and just wanted to explore and kill mobs. I'm now going to be working on redoing a character from scratch without premium time and see how it goes without doing any crafting at all. Like I said im treating the last few weeks of the beta as an experiment and trying out new things.


Q8.Is the game a sand box for real?


A8. It is a sandbox within the limitations of the game mechanics. At no time are you railroaded into having to do something if you don't want to.


Q9.What do you think is the biggest problem of the game?


A9. The farming mechanics really. I mean the process of actually growing crops/animals and how that then leads in to cooking and potion making as seen from a solo players perspective. BUT that is an issue with my play style and not necessarily the game itself. The game is made to be played in groups so naturally a solo player has it more difficult. It is just some of the farming stuff doesn't make sense to me sometimes.


I agree the game doesn't have a plethora of community made info/guides like other games. The game's community tends to be a bit more competitive GvG than other games though. So I imagine most guilds are keeping stuff close to their chest until a few weeks after launch.

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