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My Albion Online issue

I play the game mostly solo as a combatant (by that I mean, I have very little gathering/crafting skills), though for about 1-3 hours a day, my brother and our friend hop on and join me. We're at T4. They're also just combatants.

I'm in this weird spot where we can't really progress, and I don't know what to do about it. If I'm solo, I only make about 13k for clearing a solo yellow dungeon -- IF no other players come in, and IF no other players have done it recently (they almost always have) -- and it takes me a while. Replacing my gear is 40-50k. My only option to actually make money in a reasonable amount of time, is to go do T5 solo dungeons in a red zone, which is a death sentence. I'm stuck in a loop of "Spend hours mindlessly grinding yellows to take 1 shot at a red zone dungeon, whereupon I get ganked and blow my bankroll replacing my gear. Rinse & Repeat".


Now lets say my brother and friend come on. What now? Doing anything below a red dungeon is a complete waste of time money-wise since we split it 3 ways. We can go do the T5 red dungeon, but after splitting the albion online silver, we're only making as much (or less) than if we just split up and did yellows by ourselves. If even 2 people enter the dungeon, they'll catch us mid-fight and kill us, resulting in the Rinse & Repeat above. For them, it's an even bigger blow because they don't get to play as much as I do; they don't have the luxury of grinding yellows for hours.


Ok, so my thought was "I'll start a guild for people in our position, so we can have a couple extra bodies around to protect us". Thing is, then we're splitting the albion online silver between even MORE people! I know, your solution is, "Go to the black zones then". With what? 4 or 5 people, who don't have a bankroll, who are flat broke if they die once? Good luck convincing any of them to make the leap, and even if I did, let's be honest - we'd just be free sacks of walking money to every guild out there.


"Join a big guild then!". I don't wanna do that. The reasons are as follows: [1]: My brother, our friend, and I like being able to talk amongst ourselves like we're just hanging out outside the game. [2]: Big guilds = Your playtime is dictated by what your guild wants you to do at all times, and you MUST be in ventrillo/etc. I LOATHE being on the mic. It breaks my immersion, I play worse, sometimes I wanna listen to music or and just relax and enjoy my playtime, or concentrate if it's PvP. Hearing a room full of people try to force small talk and say random shit just to fill the void in case (GOD FORBID!) there's silence for more than 3 seconds, and then having silence be all awkward if it does go on too long, is NOT my idea of a good time.Then you get attention whores, people who have to try to make lame "jokes" and try to entertain everyone so there's no awkward silence, not to mention the ADHD sugar fit spazzes whose mic time consists of, "OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm about to die, holy shit, WOOOAAAHHHH!!! Just barely lived! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!..... Guys OMG there's a red player, HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT, guys, mage mage mage mage mage mage!!!". Then you get the "alpha male" wanna-bees, you know the type, you'll see them in any social outing wearing an Affliction T-shirt and wrap around sunglasses getting progressively louder and more annoying trying "out alpha male" the other loud obnoxious douchebags, usually by putting them down or trying to make them look weaker than themselves to a girl at the end of the bar who wouldn't fuck them in a million years and isn't interested in the first place.


Now that that's established LoL, what are my options here?


My idea was to make a guild catered to people like myself, and I'll even flat out advertise it as a no-mic, no-obligation, unorganized, uninformed mess of people who don't wanna deal with everyone's shit and are just hoping to be around enough bodies that maybe they won't die (and probably will to all the super organized, high stress Navy S.E.A.L.-on-the-mic guilds which I'm sure is everyone in the black zones), just praying that they can move onto the next activity quickly without having to stop every 30 seconds for 10 minutes because some dude forgot his bow in town or whatever the case.


Can a guild like that realistically work? Even if, where would we go?


I'm just at a complete loss as to what to do at this point - for myself, my brother & our friend, maybe even a potential guild, idk. I'm just looking for any kind of ideas or potential direction. Thoughts?


While I appreciate that you responded, the reply was kinda off base in relation to the overall picture I was posting about. It seems like you just vaguely skimmed it for 2-5 seconds, brain snatching a couple keywords as your eyes moved over it, and then having a somewhat <--- (somewhat, before everyone flips out) "git gud scrub" type of response to those keywords, which doesn't completely relate to what I was saying lol. I feel like you made the assumption (probably from skimming) that we were roaming around as flagged PvPers looking for kills in red zones and then crying if we died, which isn't at all the scenario of my post or what I was really asking advice/fielding thoughts on. Either I didn't word it properly and it gave you the wrong impression (very possible), or there was a misunderstanding that caused an "Idk, too many words, crying and git gud scrub or something idk. If you can't handle shit, craft or leave. Next thread." kind of response. I'm not attacking you here, just needed to mention it someone else comes into the thread and just scrolls down to the post before reading mine and goes "Oh, a crying post. Next.", when that's not what it is at all.


Anyway, just because they're not on the mic doesn't mean they have to be mindless zombies. I mean, I get how mics help in certain situations, but in my experience over the years, the vast majority of the time, it's just a mess. Most of the time it's either what I was saying, or this:


Either way, I don't find it fun in any fashion. I don't know how anyone does lol, but to each his own. My view on it generally is, at the end of the day, you know what to do, and you'll either succeed or fail at it, and mic panic/order spazzing/chipmunk giggling doesn't change the outcome. You either make plays or you don't; the mic being on or off doesn't change that. Again, that's just my view. I'm not saying I don't like being grouped with people either, I'm just saying I don't enjoy having to entertain 15 other people on the mic and listen to them try to entertain everyone else. I don't need mic entertainment, I'm already playing a game, I already am entertained. Love typing! I'll do that all day in game; it doesn't require my constant attention. Anyway, this is all beside the point lol.


I'm not saying 100% that I'm gonna make a guild either or anything, it was just an idea tossed around

. Maybe I'll even join one, if there are any that don't require you to be in discord/vent/etc.


Regardless, yeah, I'm just trying to get ideas on what everyone thinks might be a good direction to take from here given my/our current situation. Thanks again in advance!

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