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My Personal Albion Online Beta Experience

Based on my experience last beta (good experience overall, game is shallow but fun and there is potential for some really fun sandbox experiences. it's not amazing, but the genre is shit right now so it is refreshing to see some competence) I think you can safely ignore crafting.


When you craft, you really need to make a LOT of product. Generally speaking, in the summer alpha/beta/zeta/(whatever the fuck they call this shit these days) you'd see a sort of crafting curve that resembled a standard curve. Let's say that the majority of crafters are at T4. There will be a some at T5 and a small handful at T6, as well as a similar pattern with T3/2. At that stage, T4 items are flooding the AH as people are crafting this stuff to level their crafting. A purely combat oriented player can easily equip himself with T4 or under, and if they are good at fighting (players, monsters) they can have a couple of T5 sets for more serious encounters and if they are part of a guild that has some organization then they can obtain that T6 gear from the guild crafter if they manage to get the materials together or whatever set-up they have with the guild.


Albion Online


As the game ages, that curve scoots forward. Players who are interested in crafting will not be able to out-earn most players who are looking to acquire silver efficiently because they lost time (or money) farming resources, they can't just go from mob to mob to mob getting money and if they go to red zones then its unlikely that they will be there just to fight and take stuff from people since that would take time away from getting resources. The crafters get the benefit of having a steady supply of whatever they can make, they can be popular to guilds since they provide a service, and they can earn a lot of money long-term IF they manage to be amongst those crafters who are ahead of the curve.


On your end, if you take a peek at the basics of crafting, and do it when it is useful to you then you'll understand the whole system quickly and you'll know if it'll be a focus of yours or not. Since this is all being wiped, why bother with spending a ton of time on tedious crafting if you don't even like it. Personally, I enjoy crafting to a degree but I won't touch it at all until release because I just don't care to spend any more on something that is going to be wiped. You should use this beta experience to try and focus on what you like to do and see if it can work. This game markets itself as a sandbox, so try to play it like one and see how that holds up. The way I see it, you should be able to earn enough silver through PvE to equip yourself nicely enough to venture into the PvP turf no problem. 


Here's one problem that comes to mind- if you play solo...PvP is going to be kind of meh. Whenever anyone ventures into a PvP zone, they come mostly prepared and often times they bring friends. 1v2+ is a VERY difficult proposition in this game, so you'll basically be forced to wander until you see someone that you can actually take in a fight. This whole game is mediocre if you play solo to be honest, with crafters being in a bit better place since you can participate in the economy completely solo without caring.


So, to sum it up and end this rambling nonsense - You don't need to craft, as long as you understand that you will be limited to the gear that most players are crafting as your "daily driver" and you can play the entire game in a combat role while being useful to a guild/team. The important part is the "guild/team" though since without that you're going to be miserable unless you REALLY enjoy boring PvE.

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