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Old archers 1st week in Albion

I always start as an archer beginning with UO about 20 year ago, Here are my thoughts after a week


1} I like it


2) Jump & hide; I feel one or both are missing Much of my MMO archers life has been attacking from hiding often on a tiny bit of rock that is hard to get to for those being attacked (ranged weapon ^^ )


3) Arrows I would nurf archers and make us carry arrows. it limits archers BUT adds a skill, a sellable item to the economy and maybe Geese (feathers)

4) the ability to set things down. it bugs the heck out of me that I can't set an item down. Let me stack a cord of wood & come back with my ox (if it is taken TOO bad for me.) Bit of a RANT here ....If my damn ox carries NOTHING when I dismount at least let me throw off my pack to fight the bear and pick it up again if I live!!! ok I feel better.


5) eating, there are like 5000 eggs for sale in the city I work out of. If you want a farm based Economy you best make us have to eat . I hear there will be fishing (cool) but without everyone eating will soon stink of rotten eggs and bad fish.

Yes some people do eat, however did you eat your 1st day? week? how often? I have played for about a week and have yet to eat. An economy is driven by wants & needs, needs being the more stable of the two. It is fine that their is a way people can eat if they want, but if farmers & fishermen are to be viable in this economy there must be a NEED filled, If everyone NEEDED to eat in order to perform at above say 75% there would be a heck of a lot less eggs stacking up.


If I might expand on the concept; I think there should be a "life" on most items. Say a shield, in real life I would be surprised if a shield lasted through two battles, in Albion so far as I can tell, I can get a really good set of everything and if I stay out of red & black areas it will last forever. Splendid if I'm a tightwad that fears PvP........Not so hot if I put a bunch of time into being a great shield maker.


So what do I mean by a "life" Ok lets take the shield Ummm for the sake of this let us say that the shield has 20 hit points (I'm sure it is called something else, bare with me) you go fight the hoodlums in the woods, they bash your shield to the point it is Broken (Albion has broken yea?) anyway they bash it until it only has 2HP you go get it repaired and it is back to 20 HP, Now if I had my way, your shield would also have a life of 200 and would (if average quality) have lost 9 life points 50% of HP lose. Better qualities would have a lower % number 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% even down to 5% so an average shield, sword, bow, or tool would have 22 -25 repairs before they were "TOO BROKEN TO REPAIR" while the vary best quality items might well repair 100+ times but EVERYTHING that could be repaired would have a limit a LIFE.


I was thinking more of cross bow bolts, hunting arrows, and Bodkins, easy enough to make so that they stay inexpensive yet requiring enough coin so a fletcher could make a living in the game.

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