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Question and Answer about albion online pole hammer

Question 1: Meditate, so each one of your stuns is even more crucial, not a direct nerf to pole BUT, still effects its playstyle greatly.

Answer 1: um half those changes half nothing to do with pole hammer... yes meditate was OP and made a shit ton of weapons unbalanced, polehammer being one of them...

Question and Answer about albion online pole hammer

Question 2: No longer can residually stun when people walk into it, it's stun is very difficult to hit directly, so this actually made a lot of stuns land.

Answer 2: You basically saying you want to be able to miss your stun but still being able to stun with it if people walk into your missed stun? Yeah, aim better? Its a skill shot stun, always has been and there is no issues with it.


Question 3: Currently, dont know if this is a bug but there is no outline on your Cleave, same for dual swords.

Answer 3: Its you not having your settings properly configured after the patch, you have to go into user interface and enable the checkmarks and you will be able to see it, but even if its a bug, it has nothing to do with just a polehammer specifically.


Question 4: CC Duration has been removed from ALL armors, a pole hammer stun hits for all of 2-3 seconds now.

Answer 4: CC duration has been removed from ALL the armors, so you can run leather and still have the longest stun in the game....Basically it was an indirect nerf to cloth armor, which allowed you to be super effect at stunning, tanky, and do great dmg, this has no been changed, once again it was TOO strong.


Question 5: blink boots got their range nerfed.

Answer 5: This would be the only change that i agree with you because the boots were never an issue, and even though it made some skill shots easier, it seemed like it was basically only for the hammer line, still did not require a nerf on cloth once again.


Overall it just seems like your set up was nerfd, but that was the most basic and easiest set up, simple blink polehammer with meditation, so yeah, but when things are super strong its only logical either they get nerfd or other things get buffed. Meditation was way too strong and made almost everything imbalanced.


Nothing here that is over the top, something devs are known for when it comes to balancing, consider yourself lucky.

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