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Remove Albion Online leveling for weapons all together?

Is this just me or am I thinking that anything that involves combat should not be leveled, it should be chosen in the beginning of the game after tutorial, if you can purchase it.


This game is built around GvG, PvP, and future addition of other dynamic player interaction so why even care about the fame leveling of weapons and armor? Just make the weapons and armor increase stats ever so slightly and make the rarity of the armor and weapons dependable on how rich you or your guild is to keep supplying the weapon in case you lose it in a pvp zone.

Who honestly cares if someone just starting out gets a T8.3 cursed staff? An experience player with a 5.3 staff should be only at a small disadvantage if the other player is bad at cursed staff. Just make it harder as well to make things .5 and .6 with enchanted.


Summarized Answered: Make the combat of this game completely skillbased and make the crafting and gathering level based. Thats TWO different playstyles for a bigger playerbase. This also means the PvPers severely need the crafter and gatherers in order to make and supply their weapons in case they die in red and black zones.


More skills for crafting, gathering, and other albion online power leveling systems can be implemented. But if this game is about GvG and PvPs everyone should be on the same playing field. A guild that has been playing for 2 years shouldn't be able to outrun every other Guild territory because other guilds are having trouble outleveling their players that spend 10 hours a day on the video game. A good guild should be an organized, well recruited, and well experienced guild that is actually good at taking and defending their territory.

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