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Revamping the Albion Online Skill Tree

A Albion Online Players Discuss:

Okay so I just bought the founders pack and I started playing 3 days ago, so far I really loved this game, I love the fact that there's no restriction of the things that you do, hell you can go to a red zone with your T1 gear anyway I am not into PVP and I know this game is more focus on PVP but I love to gather and to craft and when I say love that I am grandmaster adventurer and I only played for 3 days because I pretty much gather everything and trying to max everything for gathering and crafting. for crafting I am trying to max my plate armor, greataxe and shield for's everything so crafting that includes the tools, bags, cape and I probably will do cooking and potions as well because it's pretty much required in the game, as of as right now I am stuck to be T4 I gather probably more than 6k Copper ore and Tin ore and made them to Bronze but even then my mastery on my mining I still can't equip a adept pickaxe and it probably took my the whole day. Crafting, waaaay too many needed to be crafted just to get to lvl your mastery and everything that I'm talking about in here is not using the LP because most people won't have the premium membership and won't get the 20 LP per day.


I know this game is a hardcore grind especially on collecting and crafting but as of right now only "limited" people but growing community of albion online, there's too many people whos stuck in T4-T5 or at least like me who loves gathering whos stuck to be T4 on everything because there's not enough green/yellow zones for me or the other to gather the resources that I need


So I just wanted to ask if anyone knows or any GM who would like to answer if were getting a revamped skill tree or any plans to make it a little easier or something?


I played a lot of mmo out there and I can tell that this game have a great potential to be one of the best in it's genre

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