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Some Questions from a Potential Albion Online Player

Sup guys been following this game a bit lately and like the ideas that its running with. There are a few things that worry me in a game where its all player based that seem to not have been responded to enough (in my mind) that would make me not want to play, or possibly not accurately explained enough.


1 - I was looking around and the bots discussion seems to be in a few places but it seems people are arguing whether it will be feasible to do or not...I will tell you now that it is with the ability to up base resources into better resources or to use to level new trees or maybe boost a guildie people will use it. If there is an easier way to collect resources that no one wants to spend time doing people WILL abuse it so is this a threat or not? I don't want to waste my time clicking on ressys for hours when someone is running many accounts of bots feeding ressys (even if not from red+ zones) into the guild.


2 - Brings me to my next Q so being that this is a F2P game (at release), am I allowed to play 3 accounts at once if say I have multiple monitors and a laptop? So gather with 2 alt accts on my desktop since from watching the videos it seems like this wont be too hard since the mass clicking style of gathering with waiting on a bar to fill up can give time to play other clients. This doesn't even need to be automated with a bot or auto click etc (but would prolly up efficiency). this can also help with the LP system but will see in CBT how this works. Even if this is against the ToS how does one play this game on an open network or on the same network in a house (roomates, family etc). So there has been discussion of making gathering a little less tedious but that's a complete thread in its own sense but this slow mass click fest supports multi clienting (even if its without botting and just actively playing all 3+). If this is against the rules whats the steps the devs are taking to keep this from happening cause if its too slow the market will be flooded and hence the economy ruined.


3 - I know its all get re-vamped but are the skills on armors all the same to choose from? Any good lists of item spells and destiny trees?


4 - I want to play a DoT CC class (much like an older days lock in WoW was my class) with high survivability. I know the weps and skills are being re done but im thinking a staff with some leather armor (to make myself as tanky as possible vs anything with specialized sets based on opponents). I noticed fire has a lot of DoT properties as post spell effects. However I want some fast high mobility spells any word on these being released? How bout anyone else who has played this style to success? I noticed mages take a bit to come online (T5 is kinda when they start doing good dmg). Anyone got some insight on what kinda gear I will wana wear even if its just theories.


5 - With player islands or guild islands whats been the tendency of players as far as priority buildings? I have read that food upkeep can be pretty steep in this game so is farming kinda the main thing to get built up? You also have animals to grow with said food as well which can be sold (and will be used cause u can lose em on PvP ventures).


6 - I know its still relatively early but watching people farm and re plant food/animals im just like damn what would these players give to allow a kind of "shift click" planting/harvesting of this stuff cause right now it seems just like gathering pretty slow and time consuming (which could be the goal of the game sure but cmon this is just tedious looking). At least it would allow me to que up commands on my farm and go grab a drink of water or pee or something haha.


7 - Can I just say that the PvP aspect of the game seems interesting but I really hate this "yellow" area idea. Im ok with green zones in the start but cmon once ur out in the world just enable full PvP theres no reason for this yellow zone. Can someone give me the tier of gear etc per zone? green up to T5 and so on? How fast can I skip to get to red zones ASAP and start to harvest resources that really matter? Or is this the wrong mindset?


Sorry for the bombardment of some questions that other threads in my mind haven't answered but especially the bot thing and multi accts thing will determine if this game is worth my time or not. If there is any kind of cheating to get ahead in a game its a waste of time to try to play legit. But that's just me, thanks for the responses in advance hope to play this game soon!


Ok ur answer to #2 is kinda off base in my mind and from what i see in a "hardcore" community. I dont have to time to play games as hard core as i did back in the day so the amt of time i do play needs to be efficiently run to maximize my time so i can play with these players in a top tier guilds. So this is an option (multi boxing) that will aid in doing this or may make the true hardcores that much harder to beat. 


There is a reason its called a "grind" its the not so fun part of the game that gets u to the pt of the game u enjoy. not many like mindless clicking gathering for hours on end so why not triple the rate at which i do it and also making it alot more engaging by doing it on 3 clients? 1/3 the time and 3x the action... In a F2P game this is a threat and i wana know if it will be in AO or not


Now also in this "hardcore" community everyone is looking for a way to get ahead and set themselves apart always trying to better their status. Why wouldnt they use all means availible to them to do so? I play to be good at games if im not i either play ALOT more and do alot of research on it or i dont play. I dont have fun if i suck so thats my mentality heh, fun to me is beating the other guy.


Saying its not a job is just naive to the commitment it takes to be at the very top tier of player in a competitive (no not only Esport way) game.

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