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Suggestions on this Albion Online Demonic staff build

opinions on this Demonic staff build?

having seen that we have a date now for the wipe i found myself getting back in to dabble in some other weps id wanna train in after the wipe and whether i should alter the main build ive been using so far and enjoying. i found i couldn't decide on anything regarding altering my build so i figured id see what others thought of it and potentially add an interesting tweak to it.


Its a bit of a general build which i kind use for everything which allows me to make some nice plays during a fight while also being able to survive and potentially flee from any situation with the 3 spells my armor gives me.

Head - Guardian Helmet

Spell - Stone skin

passive - Toughness

For this helm i went for the stone skin as the additional armor and resist reallly slows down how fast my hp drops. plus it works really well with the spells in my demonic staff since the damage reduction only applies to spells cast after activating stone skin, (unless its been changed since i last played or somethin xP) so any existing dots keep their strength and i can use it immediately after casting enfeeble blades on myself, allowing me to run or teleport up close to whatever enemy/s or player/s im fighting. dealing good damage while also having strong protection and weakening foes all at the same time.


Chest - Assassin Jacket

spell - Ambush

passive - Increased movement speed

Took the jacket to get my hands on the ambush as i it worked pretty well for me in pve, if i was solo using it then i could immediately end any fight instantly and walk away and in a group it allows me to get all the aggro off me, letting me temporarily tank if say the main tank of my group was getting close to dying, giving the healer time to heal him up and let him get back in while i stealth out and let the tank resume his role while i get healed up.

in pvp i tend to use it to quickly get some distance between me and my opponents and then continue attacking, or stay stealthed a bit longer while my DoTs on the opponent keep ticking. if attacked outside of a duel i use it for a pretty solid escape paired with my blink on my sandals, getting as much distance as possible and then using the blink. all of that distance giving me all the time i need to mount up and get away (if i dont think ill be able to win)


Feet - Cleric Sandals

Spell - Blink

Passive - aggression

I chose the cleric over the mage for the instant blink rather than a delayed one as i feel its much more flexible for repositioning during a fight. as mentioned before i tend to combo this with my enfeeble blades so ill be able to catch up to enemy players to keep them in range, or i can pair it with stealth for a very solid escape. apart from those main 2 uses i also tend to use it to just get some more distance from melee enemies or to dodge an enemy spell if needed.


Weapon - Demonic staff

Spell 1 - Vile curse

Spell 2 - Desecrate

Spell 3 - Enfeeble blades

Passive - energetic

i found myself enjoying the DoT damage of the cursed staff line and i probobly wouldve stuck with the great cursed staff but then the enfeeble blades introduced. so i moved over to that staff as i found the blades a much more interesting ability to work with. I went with Desecrate as the other ability choice as another option for to keep enemies at bay and for what i get out of it i find that the cd on it is pretty good.


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