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This is very much the premise of albion as well and alpha felt equally dangerous

I actually didn't play beta 1, last version of the game I played was earlier alpha, I've been hitting this final beta hard to get prepped for launch.


I think those post release additions need to be in game before launch as well and hope you test them during this beta. It will definitely add more excitement to the game, and I look forward to logging in and testing them when they're patched in.

A big concern is the concentration of players in green and yellow zones, too many of them and the rewards for them being far too great. There should be a tutorial/lowbie zone where you get the feel of the game, then are brought into the world to progress. The way risk / reward and maps are designed currently, it doesn't encourage new players to progress past yellow zones, if anything it punishes them due to the greatly increased risk but not greatly increased rewards of venturing beyond yellow.


In a lot of ways the current zone design reminds me of when Ultima Online introduced Trammel, a mirrored world where you couldn't pvp/steal from other players. It split the playerbase, gathering/crafting became boring grinds and pvp'ers didn't have people to murder or anti-pk.


the thing is its not forced content, it is THE content. Player interaction. In UO, there were no safe zones outside town, and you had a hard cap on skills, so a gatherer absolutely was limited in combat prowess vs a full fledged combat character. Because of this you made friends, enemies, experienced loss and sweet victories. You'd form guilds and protect territory for your friends.


This is very much the premise of albion as well, and alpha felt equally dangerous. Not to mention gatherers have the benefit of no skill hard cap like in UO, so they are capable of defending themselves more effectively, and you can load up on escape/mobility as an option as well.


As a Albion Online player you're inclined to do what's most effective, and right now there's far too many safe zones allowing players to progress. The risk vs reward between safe and pvp is off balance and leads to boring, safe progression that deters from a world that would otherwise be ripe with conflict, opportunity, and player interaction. Is a split population looking for different things from the game, so much like what killed UO.


Never read that casual vs hardcore post, looks like it was between early alpha and now, which I wasn't around for.


In that post Korn talks about the failures of Mortal Online and Darkfall because they were too hardcore. As someone who played both, and beta tested for mortal, I can tell you the reason wasn't because they were "hardcore".


Both games had amazing ideas on paper, but the devs had no idea how to execute. Both games were buggy beyond belief, easily hacked, and failed to deliver on a lot of things promised. They were just badly made games, and they did a terrible job and making mechanics fun. Everything was unreasonably grindy, slow, and easily exploited. There was ridiculously long walking/travel time, and you'd go super long periods without even seeing people because of how large the worlds were for the size of the playerbase. The more I talk about the reason they failed, the more it's sounding like the current state of Albion, and it has nothing to do with being "hardcore".


Early on I heard people reference Albion and comparing it to Ultima, yet in that post I don't see it mentioned. It's too bad, because early alpha definitely had that feel going for it. I guess it really was a philosophy change.


Instead, it puts EvE on a pedestal for an amazingly successful sandbox that it wants to emulate. Also, copying their plex system, their time based progression, their safe zones. This is just personal opinion, but I don't feel like those things are what makes EvE a good game. From my point of view, the thing that makes EvE successful is its complexity, strategy and strong team/corp play, it's called a spreadsheet simulator for a reason, some people really dig that gameplay.


So is Albion Online's target audience the EvE player? If so, I don't think any EvE player would ever leave for Albion. It would take a lot more depth and development to come close to EvE, and I just don't think the medieval fantasy genre is one that can compete in that arena like EvE can. If this beta is any indication, I worry about the audience existing at all, or at least staying.


I can tell you something though, if you made a good true sandbox like UO, there is a solid niche market that is looking for a game. Maybe Shards Online will succeed, and hopefully Crowfall for us old Shadowbane players, play to crush. Either way, I guess I'll wait things out and see if they get better. I hope the content patches come soon and we see those post launch goals hit final beta for a stronger launch.

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