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To become a Top Gatherer in Albion Online after doing 2 things

As a gatherer, I run around in soldier boots, an assassin jacket, a soldiers helm, a battleaxe and a shield. The armor gives good defense while offering flee and damage reduction spells, as well as invisibility to juke. The axe allows you to go immune to Crowd Control before you flee so you can always outrun a group, even if they have a stun. Also, axes have built in healing so that you can stay healthy while grinding mobs to harvest leathers for example.

To become a Top Gatherer in Albion Online after doing 2 things

It does not matter if you have lockdown. If you dismount someone on a horse they will just run away and remount because the remount cooldown is far too short. Also, the Warbow missile speed is so slow it is far too easy to dodge on a mount. What is worse is bunnies or mobs will block a Warbow shot. I've specialized and ganked with Claymore, Warbow, and fire staff so far. I can dismount someone with Fire Mage, but can never catch them. They use their run ability, remount, and escape. With Warbow, it is the same deal after the stun, or worse, they will just kill you because you do no damage even with cloth helm and shoes. With the Claymore I can catch some people with iron will and run, but only if they get hit by mobs first to take gallop away. If they take away move speed on iron will, it will make the Claymore complete. The fact of the matter is whether you burst a mount down with pure damage to dismount, whether you lock someone down to dismount, or a combination of both 90% of the time people get away scott free with no punishment and that makes pvp super lame. The fact that they are going to make it even harder for gankers to gank when it is already ridiculously hard is absurd. It basically ruins the role of bandits in the game completely. Let me just put it this way, I will not waste my time playing Albion Online if they make it too hard to gank and caiter to Carebears who dont want to lose their resources. There needs to be a balance and a good way to strategically dismount players, even as a solo player.


Another point to add is that since a majority of Albion Online players favor pvp due to the statistics, you would think the devs would listen to the customer base on this point as it is vital to pvp to fix the balance of dismounting people carefully. It can't be too easy to dismount because people should not be punished just for being seen, but it cannot be too hard as it is now or how they will make if they give gatherers even more utility. If people get away every time, where is the thrill of danger in open world? Player deaths help the economy of Albion Online as it is one of the only ways items get destroyed. I think people should only be able to get away 75% of the time or slightly less to an Elitest pvper like myself with over 1.75m kill fame this beta.


So you are going to nerf movement speed on items and armor, what are you going to do to mounts to balance this out? It is already extremely difficult to dismount players on horses. To further add insult to injury, once someone is dismounted, they usually just sprint away, remount, and get away anyway. The cooldown on an injured mount is entirely way too short. As a person who played over 200 hours this beta and have over 1.75m kill fame, I can say with confidence that the solo open world ganking experience sucks right now. It really frustrates me as a customer because open world pvp is the most important thing to me in the game. I can never kill anyone solo unless they make extremely stupid mistakes. Most of the time I just die to being baited into attacking people 1v2. Nonetheless my KDR is still 2 to 1. In the Albion Online "be who you want to be" element, I am the bandit type. I adore pvp that requires skill and strategy and if I could get fame towards weapons and armor solely from killing players I would. I have leveled this way in other games such as warhammer online. In warhammer, they made it so you couldnt get experience from someone you killed recently to prevent abuse. I would love to see Albion Online adopt this model for fame grinding. All I want to do in Albion Online is kill players and gvg. Nothing more. I've played hundreds of games that offer dungeons, crafting, etc. but only Albion Online offers me the opportunity to become an infamous criminal bandit renown for his pvp skills. Only problem is, like I said, it is entirely too hard to dismount people and kill them. People can even remount when taking damage, which should not be the case. So again, please, what are you all going to do to balance out pvp for gankers? It seems like you are just giving gatherers a get away free button that requires no skill and leaving us bandit types in the cold. I can already tell you this update video made me angry as it seems like Albion Online is caitering to Carebears and not being true to the statements about making their game into a hardcore pvp experience made for serious gamers.

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