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Activity details:


1. You can leave your positive reviews under the section of our Testimonies


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How to win free Albion Gold?


After you successfully posted the review, remember to send your review link to our email at [email protected], Eg:

We would randomly pick up 3 Lucky writers of all participators weekly, and each of you will be emailed if you got reward.


Any other comments:" many runescape players have been talk about this change online our AlbionMall facebook page. We will be reading through your thoughts and making use of it to feedback to Albion Online developers.

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How to get more silver in Albion Online

silver is a main albion online game currency. In other MMORPGs, gold can be obtained generally through killing monsters, crafting, and trading with other players. However, Albion Online offers more than that.


AlbionMall adaptive design revision, the user experience better

In order to deal with more and more mobile phone users, we recently completed adaptive website revision, now you can use any equipment (computer, tablet, mobile phone, computer and so on) to visit our website, we make you more convenient shopping in order to design a new process, hope to get your approval, if you find any problems please tell I, I will try to repair the end, here we introduce our website, it is very exciting.


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